What We Do

At The Suber Group, we are committed to providing industry-leading Federal Student Loan consultation.


Our services are designed for a specific population of professionals.  This universe includes professionals in the following fields: Public Service, Teaching, Nursing, and Non-Profits. We focus on achieving a twofold result: lowering of monthly student loan payments and achieving total student loan forgiveness. There are 22 million professionals who qualify for lower payments and/or total loan forgiveness. Our goal is to provide the most current loan information and execute the agreed course of action.

Nurse Forgiveness Program

The Nurse Forgiveness Program was introduced to ease the financial burden on nurses. This program is intended to encourage individuals to enter and continue in the nursing profession. Many nurses qualify for forgiveness through these programs.

Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program

Educators have many paths to total loan forgiveness. We identify which program fits our clients' financial and professional needs. In a profession where advanced degrees are financially rewarded, we help guide our clients toward their professional goals.

Practice Areas
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness

  • ​Loan Forgiveness for Teachers

  • Loan Forgiveness for Nurses